17 November 2010

i have been positively terrible about updating since my job layoff and subsequent move to georgia, but honestly, i am quite happy. losing my job and house in one fell swoop was awful, but it was necessary, i think. i could not see spending the rest of my life in cleveland without the job i had. for the record, i really, really loved my job, and would have honestly been content with it until my retirement. look, i'm getting old -- i just used the word retirement in a serious way in reference to myself.

regardless, when i lost my job in the archives, i lost my willingness to stay in my hometown. the fact of the matter is it is literally impossible to find another job like the one i had, and frankly, there are no other viable options in the delta for someone like me on many levels -- from continuing education to a career to a social life. i felt like losing my job was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and the decision was made for me.

in cleveland, i had an awesome job, owned my own house, and could buy whatever i needed on my pitiful salary. i had no social life, but i had a few friends and sometimes did some cool things. here in georgia, i feel like i have flipped completely in the opposite direction. i work a terrible less than minimum wage job, rent half of a tiny house, but i am full to capacity of new people and constant crazy happenings.

i hope someday i can get the balance right.

03 January 2010

since everyone came and left over christmas, i am so bored. my life seems like it's been this string of boring boring nothing. don't get me wrong - i totally needed it to be boring for a stretch. i have a great job, a sweet house, the best pets. i am very content. just, now that i have seen everyone again. i guess i'm just revitalized. i have been more creative and excited in the past two weeks than i have in years. literal years.

i've made mixtapes and packages and written letters. sought and download a ton of new music. ordered stuff for the new old camera my daddy gave me. rearranged and cleaned my house completely. straightened and curled my hair. called friends over. left the television off for 48 hours straight. quit smoking.

it feels awesome.

i am so excited for tomorrow. and the next day. who knows wtf will happen - it might be bad or good. but i for sure know there is good stuff out there. i'm the one who has gotta find it though. otherwise all i will get is the bad stuff when it comes crashing down on my head.

i've been letting it crash. but not anymore!

2010 is totally the beginning of my best year. i feel it in my bones.