03 October 2008

number twenty-seven: "in the darkness, i saw the four legs of noboru wataya, four silent brown legs atop four soft paws with swelling, rubberlike pads, legs that were soundlessly treading the earth somewhere."

02 October 2008

number twenty-six: it's truly the little things that make my life so sweet.

01 October 2008

number twenty-five: won't you please stop taunting me.

30 September 2008

number twenty-four: mouse meets his new little sister, olly.

29 September 2008

number twenty - three: i'm the kind of person who gets up to feed the fish, then can't sleep for feeling guilty that nobody fed him all day.

28 September 2008

number twenty-three: recovery.

number twenty-two: most glorious night! thou wert not sent for slumber!