31 December 2008

one hundred fifteen: mornin'.
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one hundred fourteen: round two.
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30 December 2008

one hundred thirteen: trouble comes to town.
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28 December 2008

one hundred twelve: "ain't nobody like the one i got."
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27 December 2008

one hundred eleven: nice curls.
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26 December 2008

one hundred ten: let the games begin!
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25 December 2008

one hundred nine: the tree is held up by presents alone.
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one hundred eight: 'twas the night before christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - not even a maus.
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23 December 2008

one hundred seven: the ornaments migrate further upwards as christmas draws nearer.

22 December 2008

one hundred six: rest stop.

21 December 2008

one hundred five: "here comes the sun."

20 December 2008

one hundred four: good morning!

19 December 2008

one hundred three: life is a struggle.

18 December 2008

one hundred two: important business.
one hundred one: welcome home.

16 December 2008

one hundred: deck the halls.

15 December 2008

ninety-nine: "spring comes slowly."

14 December 2008

ninety-eight: but that's just me.

13 December 2008

ninety-seven: hungry hungry hippos.
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12 December 2008

ninety-six: how typical.
ninety-five: brewmasters.
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11 December 2008

ninety-four: "sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded."

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10 December 2008

ninety-three: tornado warnings mean i act like my dad - standing on the front porch, watching the sky while my babies hide in the bathtub and cry, except my babies are two cats and a dog.
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08 December 2008

ninety-two: boo radley recovers from neutering day.

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07 December 2008

ninety-one: "the sun came out this morning - i was wide awake."

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06 December 2008

ninety: santa's little helpers.
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05 December 2008

eighty-nine: if you think this looks bad, wait until the tree goes up.

04 December 2008

eighty-eight: highlight of the week!
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03 December 2008

eighty-seven: even beautiful in the winter.

02 December 2008

eighty-six: i never truly eat alone.
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01 December 2008

eighty-six: it never gets old!
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30 November 2008

eighty-five: the general vicinity of where my christmas tree should be, but isn't.
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