17 November 2010

i have been positively terrible about updating since my job layoff and subsequent move to georgia, but honestly, i am quite happy. losing my job and house in one fell swoop was awful, but it was necessary, i think. i could not see spending the rest of my life in cleveland without the job i had. for the record, i really, really loved my job, and would have honestly been content with it until my retirement. look, i'm getting old -- i just used the word retirement in a serious way in reference to myself.

regardless, when i lost my job in the archives, i lost my willingness to stay in my hometown. the fact of the matter is it is literally impossible to find another job like the one i had, and frankly, there are no other viable options in the delta for someone like me on many levels -- from continuing education to a career to a social life. i felt like losing my job was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and the decision was made for me.

in cleveland, i had an awesome job, owned my own house, and could buy whatever i needed on my pitiful salary. i had no social life, but i had a few friends and sometimes did some cool things. here in georgia, i feel like i have flipped completely in the opposite direction. i work a terrible less than minimum wage job, rent half of a tiny house, but i am full to capacity of new people and constant crazy happenings.

i hope someday i can get the balance right.