29 October 2011

i have been trying to get in the halloween spirit. truly, i have.

with lexie gone on tour, the insanity of an unpacked house, and a totally awful rambunctious puppy, i have been having a hard time feeling the spooky spirit.

this morning, i decided i would do something about my sour attitude, so i woke up early and went out to buy confectioner's sugar and butter.

because that, dear internet, is how i roll.

i decided i would try to make these cookies, and whatever i didn't immediately consume, i would take to work on monday.

what followed, i'm afraid, was less than inspiring and uplifting.

to begin with, i had no idea it would be so weirdly awkward to color the dough. in theory, it should have been easy, but the dough was super sticky and it wound up being messy. i guess that in itself isn't that odd -- when i bake, it's always messy.

then, once i was ready to stack the dough together, i couldn't find my loaf pan.

determined, i stayed the course. i finally got all the dough stacked and let it sit in the fridge for four hours.

four hours is a long time to wait for cookies.

i was so excited to finally take the dough out and cut it into triangles. i was pleased as punch with myself as i laid them out on my cookie sheet. i opened the oven stuck the sheet in, closed the door, and --

suddenly discovered that my oven is too small for my baking sheet.

so, here's some weird misshapen stupid cookies that i baked in pie pans.

sorry, halloween. i tried.