29 June 2009

Last night I woke myself calling out for Mama. It has been a long time since I had a nightmare, much less one that I woke up screaming. For a minute, everything seems alien. After I woke, my room seemed strange. It reminded me of Coraline’s discovery of her “other” house, where everything looks normal, yet everything is off in the tiniest, oddest way.

I have been slowly growing lukewarm to the idea of moving away. After my unsuccessful move to the west coast, I have been hesitant to even consider the thought of moving again. Now that I have graduated, though, I realize the job market is going to make decisions for me. I know this will sound insane, but one of my biggest concerns about leaving the house is that Dangerous is buried in the backyard. I just don't want to leave her, even though I know it isn't her at all anymore.

I have been doing some copy editing for school, and it is extremely tedious. I keep finding mistakes that I specifically remember correcting. I don't know what the problem is, but it is really getting frustrating. I am none too pleased to be faced with another round of edits, but I'll do what I have to do. I am slightly overwhelmed with the project, I have to admit.

I feel stretched pretty thin these days. So many people require my attention and time, and I feel like I have little time for myself. I have only recently discovered that time alone is particularly vital to my success and wellbeing. I look forward to being alone, with no one to answer to or entertain or what have you.

I put up curtains in the kitchen to help keep the heat out. Yesterday my car said it was 110 degrees. In Mississippi speak, that's freaking hot, ya'll.