12 September 2009

I got a job working full time - finally! I got the call last week from the library! I am really excited about it. I will actually be utilizing my degree, for which I am quite pleased. I am getting to learn a lot about emergency preparedness and the safe handling of aged documents, books, et cetera. I mean, how perfect can it possibly get!? I also get to learn a lot about Mississippi history, namely the Delta region. I am thrilled to be a part of something that I honestly feel is important (and interesting). I really don't know that I could have created a better job for myself. Maybe if my dog got to come to work and they gave out free pizza on demand, but alas.

Though the past few weeks have been sketchy, I can say things have taken a sudden and unexpected turn for the better.

I guess life works that way most of the time. The back and forth, I mean.

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